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The Pulse of Raeford: Roundtable Talk Podcast Episode 95

Welcome to the vibrant world of Raeford, North Carolina, where local news meets engaging discussions! In Episode 95 of The Roundtable Talk Podcast, hosts Hal Nunn, Ruben Castellon, and Chris Holland delve into pressing issues that affect our community, from the latest election updates to local economic challenges. Sponsored by Raeford Guns and recorded at, this episode is a must-listen for anyone invested in the well-being of Hoke County and beyond.

Today is a crucial day for Raeford residents—Election Day for the North Carolina Auditor runoff. The polls open at 6:30 AM, and it’s essential to verify your polling station due to recent consolidations. If you’re unsure where to vote, visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections website or call 875-8751. Remember, every vote matters, and your participation is vital in shaping our community’s future.

Ruben Castellon shares a personal story about the increasing cost of living, highlighting the impact of rising gas prices. His experience resonates with many of us feeling the financial pinch. By discussing these challenges openly, The Roundtable Talk Podcast fosters a sense of solidarity and encourages listeners to support one another during these tough economic times.

The Hoke County School District is looking for lawn care service bids for 14 schools. This is a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to contribute to our schools’ upkeep. Additionally, the district is hiring bus drivers at $18 an hour. With a job fair scheduled for June 8th at the high school, there are ample opportunities to get involved and support our education system.

The podcast highlights the recovery journeys of Hillcrest Fire Chief Michael Scott and the Whittington family. Their resilience and strength inspire us all. It’s heartwarming to see our community rally around these individuals, offering support and encouragement during their challenging times.

Recent protests, particularly those related to the Israel-Palestine conflict, have sparked intense discussions. The hosts emphasize the importance of peaceful protest while condemning unlawful actions. This balanced perspective encourages listeners to engage in civil discourse and understand the complexities of these global issues.

The need for forward planning in Hoke County is more apparent than ever. The podcast discusses the importance of land banking for future school development, urging local officials to prioritize long-term investments in our education system. By advocating for better planning, The Roundtable Talk Podcast aims to ensure a brighter future for our children.

  • Hoke Fest: May 30th through June 9th at East Hoke Middle School.
  • Memorial Day at the Courthouse: May 27th at 11 AM.

These events are perfect opportunities to connect with fellow residents and celebrate our community spirit.

Whether it’s voting in the runoff election, applying for a job with the school district, or attending local events, there are numerous ways to get involved and make a positive impact. The Roundtable Talk Podcast encourages everyone to take an active role in our community’s growth and development.

Special thanks to Raeford Guns, located at 5609 Fayetteville Road, for their continued support. Visit them Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 7 PM. We also appreciate the Hoke County edition of the North State Journal for providing comprehensive news coverage. Subscribe today at

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Tune in next time as Hal, Ruben, and Chris continue to bring you the facts from across the state, around the world, and right here at home in Raeford, North Carolina. Thank you for being a part of our community and for supporting The Roundtable Talk Podcast!

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