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Senator Thom Tillis on Border Security and Immigration

In a recent communication, US Senator Thom Tillis has emphatically voiced his concerns regarding the current state of border security and immigration policies under the Biden administration. This discussion is not just political rhetoric but a call to action for policy reform, an issue that strikes at the heart of national security and public safety.

One of the first actions of President Joe Biden was to reverse the policies implemented by his predecessor, Donald Trump, aimed at securing the US border and curbing illegal immigration. Senator Tillis starkly points out the consequences of these reversals: “We now have historic levels of illegal immigration. Cartels are flooding our communities with dangerous drugs, turning North Carolina into a border state.” This comparison underscores a scenario where policy shifts have led to tangible, adverse impacts.

The situation at the border is not just a political talking point; it’s a crisis with real-world consequences. As Senator Tillis highlights, “Just this week, Iredell County Sheriff’s Office deputies seized enough fentanyl to kill 26 million Americans.” This incident in North Carolina is a harrowing example of how the repercussions of border policies extend far beyond the border states, affecting the entire nation.

Senator Tillis challenges the current approach of the Biden administration towards border security and immigration policies. He argues that it is grossly insufficient to merely allocate funds without implementing effective policy changes. “You may hear the White House and Democrats claim that Biden’s proposal already includes funding to secure the border. This is grossly misleading,” says Tillis. He emphasizes the need for a more holistic approach that goes beyond financial solutions.

In his email, Senator Tillis outlines the necessary policy changes: “We need to stop the abuse of our nation’s asylum laws that allow illegal immigrants to stay here for years even if they don’t qualify for asylum. We need to stop the Biden Administration’s disastrous policy of mass releasing illegal immigrants to communities across the border.” These reforms are crucial for regaining control over the situation and ensuring that immigration laws are enforced effectively and fairly.

Senator Tillis takes a firm stance on border security and immigration policies. Concerning the security funding bill, he says, “I will only vote for a security funding package that contains major policy changes that will help us regain control of the border and significantly reduce the flow of illegal immigration.” This position underlines his commitment to ensuring that any funding bill addresses the root causes of the current crisis and contributes to a long-term solution.

Senator Thom Tillis’s message is clear: true national security starts with robust and effective border control and immigration policies. His call for action is not just about securing the borders; it’s about safeguarding the future of the nation from the multifaceted threats arising from poorly regulated immigration. As citizens, it’s imperative to understand the depth of these issues and support measures that will restore and maintain the integrity of our nation’s borders.

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