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Michele Morrow has a Bold Vision to Revolutionize Education in NC

Michele Morrow, known for her straightforward approach, shared her insightful and transformative vision for the education system in North Carolina. In the latest episode of the Roundtable Talk podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Michele Morrow, a dynamic candidate for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Superintendent.

Michele Morrow has a Bold Vision to Revolutionize Education in NC

Michele Morrow isn’t your typical candidate. Born in New York and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, she brings a diverse educational background, having experienced homeschooling, private, and public schooling systems. Her decision to run for the School Board stems from a deep concern about the current state of public education and a strong desire to steer it back on course.

One of Morrow’s key stances is her opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT), Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools. She believes these concepts detract from the essential academic skills students need. Morrow passionately argues for a return to basic moral instruction, emphasizing the importance of mastering reading and math, especially in the formative K-5 years.

Morrow isn’t just about ideas; she has plans to back them up. A significant part of her strategy involves auditing educational spending to ensure funds are allocated effectively. She highlights the need for teacher recruitment, particularly in rural areas, and suggests potentially raising salaries in these regions to attract qualified educators.

Another critical aspect of Morrow’s vision is the establishment of a strict code of conduct in schools. This code would apply to staff, students, and parents alike, aiming to create an environment of respect and discipline. Morrow believes that private schools’ success can be partly attributed to such codes and that public schools could benefit significantly from implementing them.

Morrow also addresses the challenges faced by substitute teachers in becoming certified. She advocates for reducing bureaucratic barriers in the teaching profession and encourages the inclusion of individuals with practical experience in teaching roles.

As we wrapped up the podcast, Morrow extended an invitation to listeners to visit her website and support her campaign. She emphasized the importance of having informed voters, especially in down-ballot races like hers, which often don’t get as much attention but are crucial for shaping the future of education.

Michele Morrow’s candidature represents a potential turning point for North Carolina’s education system. Her focus on fundamental skills, fiscal responsibility, and a disciplined learning environment could be the key to elevating the state’s educational standards. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or simply someone who cares about the future of our children, Morrow’s vision is something to consider as we approach the polls.

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