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Is Voter Engagement the Key to Local Change?

In this episode of Roundtable Talk Podcast, co-hosts Hal Nunn, Ruben Castellon and Chris Holland talked about the importance of voter engagement and turnout, and how it affects the community we live in. Listen along as NC State Senator Danny Britt joins the conversation as we dive into a series of pressing topics that are shaping the future of our community in Hoke County and beyond.

During the discussion, the spotlight was on the primary elections—an event that sets the stage for our democratic process. We emphasized the critical importance of voting, a civic duty that is the cornerstone of our democracy. It’s not just about casting a ballot; it’s about making our voices heard and shaping the policies that govern our daily lives. We also tackled the concerning issue of low voter turnout in Robeson County, stressing the need to galvanize conservative voters, especially those from the retired military community, to register and vote in North Carolina.

We were honored to have North Carolina State Senator Danny Britt join us to provide updates on his recent activities. Senator Britt has been actively involved in judges training with the North Carolina National Guard and securing funding for the sheriff’s department. He also shed light on the new justice center in Raeford, underlining its significance for the county.

Senator Britt’s efforts to bring more schools and funding to Hoke County through needs-based construction grants were a call to action for our listeners. He encouraged reaching out for support in securing these funds, highlighting the importance of community involvement in education. We also discussed the critical role of active duty and retired military personnel in our community. Their residency and votes in North Carolina can have a profound impact, and we delved into the benefits for veterans and retirees in our state, including non-taxable retirement income.

The episode wrapped up with a discussion on the Army’s transition to minimalist food stations, or food kiosks, aimed at providing diverse food options for soldiers. We all agreed on the importance of taking care of our soldiers, ensuring they have access to nutritious and varied food choices across the base.

Our conversation was a powerful reminder of the importance of staying informed and engaged in our communities. Whether it’s through voting, supporting educational initiatives, or advocating for our military personnel, each of us has a role to play in driving positive change. I encourage you to listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into these topics and to join us in making a meaningful impact.

Thank you for reading, and let’s continue the conversation. Your thoughts, your voice, and your actions matter—now more than ever.

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